[Galaxy Note 4] Edit screen dpi (No root)

Posted by izRead
2015.09.20 13:21 Tip and Tech

  By using ADB, Note 4 can have more dense pixels. After doing this, you can have following home screen:

 I'm now using Nova launcher, which is simple and fast. So, how can we modify screen resolution without root permission?

  First, you have to go to the Android debugging mode(Go to setting -> Tap the build prop 5 times), and download adb shell.

  And then, press the Win key + R and enter the 'cmd', so you can bring the console like ahead.

  Go to the location where you unzip the adb shell, and enter the following commands:

adb shell

wm density 520

  Default pixel density is 640, and if it's modified like above, your screen will be more dense.


If you want change screen resoultion, enter the 'wm size widthxheight'. For example, if you want Full HD resoultion, enter the 'wm size 1080x1920'. By doing this, you need to set the appropriate pixel density also. notify this:

1440x2560 = 640

1080x1920 = 480

720x1280 = 320