[e-Book machine] Ridibooks paper lite

Posted by izRead
2016.01.03 20:35 Small talk

Simple review of Ridibooks paper lite 

  For the first time forever, I literally used the awesome e-book machine. It's been out of the stock from the company called Ridibooks, which is the powerful e-book publisher in South Korea. If you were foreigner, probably you would have got used to Amazon Kindle or something. They offered some unusual special industry model, which is, selling the contents instead of the hardware machine. So although they couldn't make a lot of money through this machine, but in long terms of the company's strategy, they could sell the contents, it worked and works very well now, I think.

 So, with this fact, other company is doing the same. It becomes major stream of IT companies, like selling platform as if google doing. Ridibooks is the one of the companies who follow this tactic. They launched the e-book machine called "Ridibooks paper lite", and moreover, they just give them away to the customer who buy their e-books(in fact, they held the pay-back event, and customers can buy the machine with this).

  Return to the subject, let me tell you about this machine.


China company, Boyue Technology (深圳市欣博阅科技有限公司)


Rockchip RK3026 ARM Cortex-A9 @1Ghz CPU, ARM Mali-400 MP2 @500Mhz GPU


512MB RAM, 8 GB Internal memory, microSDHC (Up to 32GB)



1448 x 1072 Carta Panel

Paper Lite1024 x 768 Carta Panel


Wi-Fi 802.11b/g/n




Android 4.2.2 (Jelly Bean)


Ridibooks Only


159 x 118 x 8 mm, 190g


Black only

Front light, Physical keys on each side

  I bought the "Lite" one, so it has the resolution of 1024x768 as above, and it pretty much enough for reading the text books, but if you want to read some comic books w/ this machine, I think this is not enough. In this case, you must buy not the "Lite" one.

  Ridi says that "Paper" offers 300 ppi(pixel per inch) and "Paper lite" offers 212 ppi. This is pretty good comparing with other e-book machine.

  The good point is, of course, its price/performance ratio is pretty good. And, appropriate performance for e-book machine, external SD card, those are other benefits for this machine. I am literally pretty much satisfied with this machine and recommend it for foreigners except the following bad points.

  The bad point is, it can be critical, it is only for the "ridi" books. It runs Android, but only launches default "ridi" apps, so if you want open other application, you have to root the machine. Fortunately, in minimum support, they put the basic ability running txt and pdf files to H/W machine.

  Despite of the bad points, I am pretty optimistic because they broaden the horizon of the e-book market. So, if you chase the chance of looking for getting good machine for reading the book, it must be the time for buying one.