About Alfred W. Adler's Philosophy

Posted by izRead
2016.01.09 15:29 Small talk

 I've been recently reading a book that handles the Adler's idea-In short, it's about being confident for yourself-and it helps people to get the strong base of someone's thinking.

  So, what is the Adler's opinion?

  Adler says that there's no consequences from the past, and only the important thing is the present. Unlike the Sigmund Freud who exclaims the cause and impact from the past, he strongly claimed that people doesn't be affected by the past. If there's a person who says that I must be like this now because of the trauma from the former time of my life, it must be a lie as Adler's Philosophy says. He/She only uses the past to justify himself, not the connection from the past.

  This opinion shocks me very tremendously, and it makes me be in regretful thoughts, because I usually strongly believe the power of the past as Sigmund Freud says and I didn't focus on the importance of the present. From Adler's opinion, every single person can go further from him/herself because there's no imprisonment from the past. People can construct there lives without the causality. 

  So, I decided to focus on the spotlight of the very now of the present, and concentrate to something that happens now. And this thinking makes me very optimistic. Thanks, Adler.