ASUS T100 touch doesn't work(Graphic card driver)

Posted by izRead
2014.08.14 17:49 Tip and Tech

How to Fix ASUS T100's Touch Problem?

  Today, I have a very serious problem. The problem is, my ASUS T100's upper touch panel doesn't working. I'm very disappointing because this is my third day of using this machine.

  T100 is a 'Transformer book' that is ASUS's slogan. And It has almost same form of normal notebook. But It can be touched with upper panel, so It can be using like tablet.


  I was updating my windows 8.1, ASUS bios and some drivers. And suddenly my T100's power was going off. Now I know my problem was occured during the graphic card driver updating. 


  T100 has a Intel CPU that includes graphic card. So, If you find a graphic driver of T100, just download the Intel CPU's driver.

  Just visit the site below.

 Go to 'Chipset' and Download SOC Driver Package. It has all of the Intel CPU's Driver. and your problem will be solved.