[Speaking Formula] Person describing example sentences

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2014.08.23 17:02 Small talk

Person describing sentences

I collected some describing sentence about person. I give it to you, and I wish this is helpful for you.

Body Shape

He is muscular.

He is well-built.

He is a big man.


He has short hair.

He has curly hair.

He has a receding hairline.


He is chubby.

He is slim.

He is skinny.


He is short/tall.

He is petite.

He is of medium height.


He has dark skin.

He has a round face.

He has a rectangular(-shaped) face.


He is in his early thirties.

He is thirty years old.

He is in his forties.


He is sociable.

He is outgoing.

He is open-minded.

He is kind.

He is helpful.

He is a good listener.

He is hot tempered.

He is whimsical.

He is getting out of control.

He is a bit shy.

He is well mannered.

He is very generous.

Calmness is one of his most pleasing traits.

Generosity is one of his most pleasing traits.

A modest attitude is one of his most pleasing traits.

He is a man with a good first impression.

He is a man with a lot of charm.

He is a man who makes a strong impression.

He makes a good first impression.


I have a coworker who is also my best friend.

I have a supervisor in the office who is also my mentor.

He is my competitor in the field.

He is in partnership with me.

He is three years my junior.

We usually have lunch together.

We usually meet at the bar twice a week.

We usually talk about personal things.

We belong to an amateur baseball team.

We belong to a computer club.

We belong to a student government.

We have become quite a close group of friends.

We have been on good terms.

We have come to understand each other well.

He is outgoing, while she is a bit shy.

He is active, while she is passive.

He is inconsiderate, while she is generous.